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Our surgeon's research extends past our own institution. We work with institutions from across the country to increase the generalizability and accuracy of our investigations. Please see some of our more prominent multicenter collaborations below.

ASES Complications of RSA Research Group led by Dr. Jawa

The ASES Complications of Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty (RSA) Multicenter Research Group was established in 2019 to investigate postoperative complications following RSA. The group published two systematic reviews on common postoperative complications of reverse shoulder arthroplasty in 2020 and one original research article titled “Predictors of acromial and scapular stress fracture after reverse shoulder arthroplasty” in 2021.

  • 14 institutions including RUSH, Rothman Orthopedics, and Hospital for Special Surgery
OBERD/Ignite Multicenter database led by Dr. Jawa

This collaboration represents the pinnacle of innovation. Dr. Jawa, along with Anand Murthi, Matt Smith, JM Wiater, Luke Austin, Derek Cuff, and the Ignite Team led by Brian Hodorek, Matt Purdy, and Russ Parrot have been working alongside DePuy to design and construct the state-of-the-art INHANCE implants. The purpose of this database is to pool together the patient follow-up of these elite surgeons and be able to perform analyses on the outcomes of the patients of this prosthesis.

  • Medstar Union, Rothman, Suncoast Orthopedics

MASH – Multicenter Hip Arthroscopy Database led by Dr. Wuerz

Hip arthroscopy is a cutting-edge surgical intervention used to resolve common hip pathologies in a minimally-invasive manner. Due to its relatively new status in the world of orthopedics, there is substantial room for innovation and discovery. Through the MASH database, Dr. Wuerz and his co-investigators are attempting to bridge this gap in knowledge by combining their patient outcomes data.

  • RUSH, WOSM, OrthoIllinois, Rothman, Panorama Ortho
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