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Although musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions represent such a significant healthcare burden, MSK conditions only capture a small percentage of Nation Institutes of Health (NIH) funding. While this is likely due to the low mortality rate associated with MSK conditions, we believe the long-term pain and suffering that can be caused by MSK conditions warrants continuous and extensive investigation. Here at the BSSC Research Foundation, we aim to tackle issues and present solutions for MSK conditions and injuries. Your donation will support our efforts to continue setting new standards of high-quality patient care.

Fundraising. The Organization will raise funds for research, education, and patient support activities conducted both by the Organization and by other organizations that initiate, conduct, facilitate and/or support such activities. The Organization intends to seek funding opportunities through solicitations of individuals, commercial interests, philanthropic organizations, and other interested foundations, and by sponsoring fundraising events. The Organization does not expect to accept donations earmarked for particular organizations or individuals.

Research. The Organization will conduct research and distribute funds to individuals and organizations that initiate, conduct, facilitate and/or support research. The Organization also intends to support efforts to establish a registry of orthopedic patients in the United States to facilitate and further research and education on a national basis. Furthermore, the Organization intends to support cross-disciplinary research projects to explore the pathogenesis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, patient outcomes, and epidemiological research.

Education. The Organization will create educational opportunities to train physicians on the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. The Organization also may distribute funds in support of other organizations that initiate, conduct, facilitate and/or support education. The Organization also may disseminate information via an Organization website, a social networking presence, inter-institutional communications, and newsletters, webinars, blogs, and/or educational meetings. Finally, the Organization intends to encourage participation in and contributions to scientific and clinical, peer-reviewed musculoskeletal journals.

Patient Support. The Organization will establish patient support programs and/or distribute funds (and/or contribute other resources, such as space) in support of efforts by other organizations that engage in activities to establish and maintain patient support programs. For example, the Organization intends to support the formation of a patient network, which will offer patients an opportunity to learn about musculoskeletal disorders and provide support to each other. In addition, the Organization intends to facilitate and/or support the distribution of patient newsletters and other patient communications, and facilitate and/or support the organization of patient meetings and free lectures for patients and their families. The Organization also intends to support efforts to study patient needs and problems.

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